About Charles E. Coggins, CPA

Charles E. Coggins, CPA, serves a wide variety of clients with an emphasis on Individual and Small Business tax services. He was licensed as a CPA on September 2, 1983. He has had his own practice since January 1, 1987.

Professional Memberships

Outside Interests

Education & Experience

  • BS in Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University January 1967
  • http://osu.okstate.edu/
  • MS in Nuclear Engineering, Kansas State University January 1970
  • http://www.k-state.edu/
  • Owned Retail Business in San Antonio for eleven years
    • Bought existing business
    • Incorporated Business
    • Started second location
    • Sold Business
  • Worked for local Accounting firm for four years
  • Over forty hours yearly continuing professional education